Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Hello, hello, hello!

I have started a new blog! Since I started tumbleweed•twine (over two and a half years ago now - eek!), my interests have shifted slightly. I still love reading a good fashion or lifestyle blog as much as the next person, but I've found my own interest in writing about this kind of topic waning. Words have always been my passion, and unfortunately I just can't think of a single new thing to say about a new pair of shoes or a cute dress, beyond what you can already see from looking at the image. So, I've decided to start up a fresh blog for a clean start!

Enter Sarah Lou Wright - my new, shiny blog. It's still in the working stages, but it's very much alive and I'm raring to go with it. I'll be writing all sorts of opinion pieces and articles, some of them similar to what I used to write on here, but hopefully with a fresh twist and an injection of vivacity. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope you'll give reading it a go! My very first post went up earlier this evening, so give it a gander if you want to know how and why I was Bullied by the Bee People.

For any of you old faithfuls who doggedly stalk this page in hope of a new post (no? No-one? Okay, then), or for someone who's stumbled across tumbleweed•twine for the very first time, this is to let you know about my shiny new premises. I'm not sure if this means the end for tumbleweed•twine, but it's certainly the beginning for Sarah Lou Wright.

Hope to see you there :D

Sarah ^.^

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Songs in dog years.


I hope February is treating you well. I've been having a little shuffle around of the blog in terms of the aesthetics, and I'm having a rethink of the content: I reckon it's time to go back to my roots, and have posts about things that matter to me, interspersed with wildly vacuous outfit shots and pictures of whatever steals my interest at the time. Once I've got this current wedge of homework and deadlines out of the way, I can assure you that I shall be lighting up your life with little bubbles of joy in the manner to which you used to be accustomed. In the meantime, I'd be much obliged if you'd have a look at my newest upload to YouTube:

This is my newest upload, but the song itself is actually about a year and a half old, so that's practically vintage in blogger years. They're kind of like dog years. Eagle-eyed viewers (basically, my mum) will have noticed that that's a new, shiny guitar I'm holding. Mmmm. Preeetty. Unfortunately, that's meant I've had to get rid of my beloved Fender Traveler, but this new one is an electroacoustic, which will be much more useful in the long run.

Much love,

Sunday, 10 November 2013

GRACE'S BLOGGING DARE: #1 Blog about the weather.

If you saw my last post, you'll know that I'm writing a series posts based on the suggestions which my friend Grace gave me, ranging from the commonplace to the ridiculous. Today's blog post is the most commonplace of commonplace:


Ah, the weather. I once knew of someone who came originally from an equatorial country, then moved to Britain. She found it astounding: firstly that such things as seasons existed, and secondly that we can somehow talk about them so much. You wouldn't have thought that we could squeeze so many conversations out of the weather, but so it would seem. I work as a receptionist at a gym, and I can make a fairly safe bet that most conversations will go like this:

Me: (chirpily) Hiya!
Them: Hiya, love.
Me: How are you?
Them: Not so bad, ta, love.

The conversation can then take one of two distinct turns.


Them: Lovely day, isn't it?
Me: Lovely, yeah.


Them: Chucking it down, isn't it?
Me: Awful, yeah.


Me: See you in a bit!
Them: Bye!

Every time. Every single time a person walks through that door, that's more or less the conversation I have. It's crazy how we can find such variety in weather! But then, being in Britain does mean the weather changes on a nigh-on constant basis: it's November now, so you'd expect just cold and wind and rain, but it's actually been incredibly sunny recently. That is, until it randomly decides to chuck it down halfway through the day when I go to college without an umbrella. Can I hear a holla for effective forward planning? Yeaaaahh.


In other news, I got two pairs of new glasses this week: one pair is tortoiseshell and makes me feel like I'm from the 1960s, and here's a slightly manic picture showing the other pair:

This was taken from a screenshot from a song I was recording, hence why it's not the most flattering of pictures! Keep your eyes fixed on my YouTube channel, SarahTheTwine, for my new songs.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hello, you wonderful people, you. I've been a bit lax on the ol' blogging front recently, and the reasons are twofold: one, I've been super mega crazy awesome busy, and two (which is perhaps the more important reason), I just haven't had the slightest idea what to blog about. So I asked my friend Grace what I should blog about. Grace is awesome.

Grace has given me a list of (let me just count) ... fourteen things which I could blog about. I intend to take that as a challenge, Grace. A dare, if you will. Over the coming weeks, I'll be blogging about every single thing she told me to. I know the list up there is pretty small, so here it is:


#1 Blog about the weather

#2 Blog about the stars

#3 Blog about the ancient lost city of Atlantis

#4 Blog about conspiracy theories about the Wizard of Oz

#5 Blog about Jensen Ackles' freckles

#6 Blog about Tom Hiddleston's cheekbones

#7 Blog about the colour the sky goes when summer is becoming autumn and the sun is almost down

#8 Blog about the race of mutant supermen you intend to create when you achieve world domination

#9 Blog about the smell of a forest clearing with a brook running through it

# 10 Blog about how you sometimes feel like Snow White when you sing in the presence of animals

#11 Blog about that sense of closure when you finish a good book

#12 Blog about the way people make sounds at each other and it makes sense because of this crazy thing called language

#13 Blog about caramel hot chocolates

#14 Blog about existing


The other thing which Grace said, right at the bottom of that teeny tiny email, is "Love the new song by the way, you crazy talented person you". Oh, how beautifully this happens to lead into my next point, Gracie dear! Here, I'm going to do a shameless bit of self-promotion: I write songs, and I put them on YouTube. My channel is SarahTheTwine, so go watch my videos. You know you want to. Here are my two most recent:

If You're Lost At Sea

From Hollow Air

Monday, 28 January 2013

Brainfuzz and ink splatters.



I'm having a bit of a brainfuzz recently, so here's some pictures of pretty shoes from the Aldo sale which won me over. The fuchsia pair practically scream "WOO! I'M HERE!", the floral ones are gorgeously elegant, and the ink-splattered ones .. I can't believe I've never come across ink-splattered shoes before, but I covet these immensely.

Unfortunately, although they're now semi-reasonable prices, only the fuchsia ones remain in my size, and as I have no call for a bright-pink party shoe at the minute, these are destined to remain on my wishlist for now!

PS: Did you catch my new song from a couple of weeks ago?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wrong Turn At Mars ♫

Since the advent of my new camera for Christmas, I managed to take a video of one of my newest songs without the need for "technical support" (i.e. my brother, Rob). It's called Wrong Turn At Mars, and you can watch it below or on my YouTube channel :) And make sure to put it in 1080p, because it's super shiny and crisp and clear and preeetty!

Although I loved writing this song and recording it, there's a sad back story behind it: Zach Booher, of the awesome band While We're Up, was in a car crash six months ago. This is what the band said:

"On July 8th, 2012, Zach, Steven, and Steven's brother Trevor were involved in a car accident while following Warped Tour -- Zach didn't survive the crash. Although Zach is not here with us anymore, his voice and the music that he created will continue to live on and change the lives of people everywhere."

My friend Molly had become close with Zach over the time they knew each other, and it was through her that I learned of this story: when she told me, all I could focus on was how thoroughly shellshocked she looked. From there, with the help of some words she wrote herself, I wrote Wrong Turn At Mars. Hopefully, the message is that, although Zach is not here any more, he touched so many people through his life and his music: that's what we should be remembering.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Quest for Happy #1

It was on Tumblr, I think, that I saw an idea - start a jar, and on every day of 2013, write down something happy which happened to you that day: the idea is that, by the time 2014 approaches, you'll open the jar and read all of the good things which occurred in 2013, big and small. On here, I'll be posting some of them, so look out for "The Quest for Happy" posts and you'll find them all! They may be little things, but they're the ones which make you smile.


Opening a tub of ice cream and being the first one to scoop it.