Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wrong Turn At Mars ♫

Since the advent of my new camera for Christmas, I managed to take a video of one of my newest songs without the need for "technical support" (i.e. my brother, Rob). It's called Wrong Turn At Mars, and you can watch it below or on my YouTube channel :) And make sure to put it in 1080p, because it's super shiny and crisp and clear and preeetty!

Although I loved writing this song and recording it, there's a sad back story behind it: Zach Booher, of the awesome band While We're Up, was in a car crash six months ago. This is what the band said:

"On July 8th, 2012, Zach, Steven, and Steven's brother Trevor were involved in a car accident while following Warped Tour -- Zach didn't survive the crash. Although Zach is not here with us anymore, his voice and the music that he created will continue to live on and change the lives of people everywhere."

My friend Molly had become close with Zach over the time they knew each other, and it was through her that I learned of this story: when she told me, all I could focus on was how thoroughly shellshocked she looked. From there, with the help of some words she wrote herself, I wrote Wrong Turn At Mars. Hopefully, the message is that, although Zach is not here any more, he touched so many people through his life and his music: that's what we should be remembering.


  1. Gaaaah you're so talented! This is such a beautiful song xxx


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