Sunday, 10 November 2013

GRACE'S BLOGGING DARE: #1 Blog about the weather.

If you saw my last post, you'll know that I'm writing a series posts based on the suggestions which my friend Grace gave me, ranging from the commonplace to the ridiculous. Today's blog post is the most commonplace of commonplace:


Ah, the weather. I once knew of someone who came originally from an equatorial country, then moved to Britain. She found it astounding: firstly that such things as seasons existed, and secondly that we can somehow talk about them so much. You wouldn't have thought that we could squeeze so many conversations out of the weather, but so it would seem. I work as a receptionist at a gym, and I can make a fairly safe bet that most conversations will go like this:

Me: (chirpily) Hiya!
Them: Hiya, love.
Me: How are you?
Them: Not so bad, ta, love.

The conversation can then take one of two distinct turns.


Them: Lovely day, isn't it?
Me: Lovely, yeah.


Them: Chucking it down, isn't it?
Me: Awful, yeah.


Me: See you in a bit!
Them: Bye!

Every time. Every single time a person walks through that door, that's more or less the conversation I have. It's crazy how we can find such variety in weather! But then, being in Britain does mean the weather changes on a nigh-on constant basis: it's November now, so you'd expect just cold and wind and rain, but it's actually been incredibly sunny recently. That is, until it randomly decides to chuck it down halfway through the day when I go to college without an umbrella. Can I hear a holla for effective forward planning? Yeaaaahh.


In other news, I got two pairs of new glasses this week: one pair is tortoiseshell and makes me feel like I'm from the 1960s, and here's a slightly manic picture showing the other pair:

This was taken from a screenshot from a song I was recording, hence why it's not the most flattering of pictures! Keep your eyes fixed on my YouTube channel, SarahTheTwine, for my new songs.

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  1. Your glasses are muy bien! I am pretty miffed that there has been no snow yet - it has put a dampener on my mood!x


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